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Here are my tips for healthy weight loss and moreover leading a healthier lifestyle. These healthy tips have been a consistent part of my daily lifestyle and they have helped me a lot in leading a healthy life of good health. The weight which I lost never came back and I am still enjoying all the glories of good health. These weight loss tips are very generic and anyone can implement them. I sincerely and honestly feel that anyone can be benefited from my healthy weight loss tips.

  • Health is wealth . Understand it, appreciate it and always live with it. Remember , if you lose your health you lose the most precious thing which god gave you. 
  • Whenever you eat food of any kind, always chew it properly i.e. eat slowly. The science behind it is that it will aid in proper digestion and also eating slowly helps one eat less food. You should give at least 20 minutes to finish your meal. 
  • Drink 2 glasses of water everyday in the morning as soon as you get up. This will aid in proper bowels and remove impurities in a better way from the body. Also try to drink at least 3 litres of water in day. 
  • A person trying to lose weight must completely eliminate processed sugar products (cakes,pasteries ice creams, etc.) from their  diet. There is nothing more harmful than processed sugar for an overweight person. Fried oily stuffs such as French Fries, Samosas, Pakoras and other deep fried oily stuff should also be restricted. Once a person reaches his her target weight, having these foods once a while occasionally is okay. 
  • Eating small 4-5 frequent nutritious meals throughout the day is much better than having 3 Large meals heavy, The science behind this is that having small nutrition us meals helps maintain the body metabolism and helps in the digestion process. The more the bodies metabolism, the more it will help in burning bat. Human digestive system is designed to eat small meals frequently. 
  • Eliminate high fat diary products like full cream milk, full cream cheese etc. Go for low fat diary. 
  • A meal should consist of Carbohydrates (55 %) proteins (35%) and fats (15%).    Carbohydrates diet should consist of complex Carbohydrates like, oatmeal(daliya), seasoned vegetables, skim milk , brown breads , low glycemic index fruits(apple, papaya, orange, grapefruit, etc). Simple Carbohydrates which are made from sugars (cakes, pastries etc) should be restricted.  Healthy protein diet. should consist of egg whites, home made paneer( cottage cheese), kidney beans, legumes, low fat. chicken and fish. Fats should comprise of healthy fats from Sources like almonds, wall nuts, olive oil, safflower oil , fish oil. 
  • Try to have Oatmeal with Skim milk for breakfast in the morning at least 5 times a week. Oatmeal is great to start feeding your body with in the morning. Quaker Brand is best to have. 
  • Try to have not more than 2 spoon full of table sugar in a day with either tea, coffee or milk. 
  • Try to have a fruit of low glycemic index (apple, orange, papaya , grapefruit) and some seasoned vegetable with atlases 3 meals in a day.
    Exercise moderately 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes. Activities such as brisk walk , slow jogging done continuously for 5 times a week will be beneficial. The idea should be to make your whole body sweat and increase your heart rate. Never push your limits too much while exercising please understand that regular moderate exercise is the Key towards weight loss and good health. High intense exercises can lead to injury and should only be done after your body has achieved a comfort level of exercise. Once your body is adapted to exercise and you have lost some considerable amount of weight , 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise like cardio 3 times a week  is sufficient for fitness and good health.
    Try to leave your stomach empty for 2 to 3 hours before you exercise. It is very important to have a light meal 2 to 3 hours before workout. A brown bread vegetable sandwich with tea can be a light meal. I prefer doing my cardio in the morning as it makes me feel fresh. Its unto an individual how he/she wants to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.
  • REST is a very important attribute for good health, Try to sleep for at least- 6- 8 hours daily. With Physical Rest , mental rest also is very important. Try to free your mind from unnecessary tensions as much as you can. Tensions secrete negative chemicals and hormones in our body which is not good. 
  • Always be happy and feel pride if anything you are doing is right. Working towards losing weight and good health should be taken as a token of motivation and pride. All of us are the children of the infinite (whom we call god). So always try to associate yourself with the infinite , you will be at peace. The infinite has given us such a wonderful body. We need to respect it and protect it from diseases. The infinite gave humans many things to protect and guard our bodies from various diseases. We humans need to realize the importance of those many things and use them to lead a healthier life. 
  •  Do not compare yourself with others. Each individual is unique. Problems arise when we humans start comparing ourselves with others without even giving any thought too it. Try to get positive points from others and try to remove your negative points. Like I learnt Pranayama (one of the most positive thing )from the respected saint Swami Ramdev through television . Basic Pranayama(deep breathing) exercises will bring peace to a persons mind if done correctly and will also aid in good health. 
  • Share your ideas of good health with people whom you trust. Good health knowledge should be shared. You will in return get back good health. 
  • The last tip I would like to mention is a bit philosophical. All of us know that one day our body has to end. We have to leave the earth planet. Some will go early and some a bit late. Living with this realization that life is nothing but a short story which will end some day will help us appreciate life better. All our egos , hatred , jealousies, emotions end when we die. So we all need to cherish and respect this wonderful life which god has given us. And with life the very important thing associated is health.

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