How to lose weight in a natural way


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MYTH : Weight training is not desired for women.
TRUTH : Weight Strength Training) is an important attribute towards a well defined toned healthy body.
God created the human body and gave so much heart, kidney, liver, muscles etc. So to see those muscles we have to perform correct weight bearing exercises. The right approach to exercise is a "combination of Cardiovascular Exercise and proper weight training exercises". Yoga (stretching exercises can be added as desired).
The idea should be to develop lean muscle mass and not bulky muscle. Lean muscle can be developed by men and women both just by using simple sets of dumbbells and barbells. Refer to my workouts section for both men and women more.
MYTH : Gadgets such as Sauna belts help in weight loss and reducing tummy.
TRUTH : HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Oh my god I cannot stop laughing at this. I pity those people who come into the trap of such expensive illogical programs/solutions.
Please remember this equation and you will live a 100 years with good health :
MYTH : Some Herbal or Ayurvedic Products can help reduce weight without exercise or any healthy diet.
 TRUTH : HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Again the answer to this is :
CONFUSION: Should I exercise in the morning , evening or what time?
 ANSWER   : We humans live everyday on a day/night basis. The human body secretes hormones(good and bad) based upon the time of the day . The right time to exercise can be morning , evening or even before lunch(in the gym). It all depends as to how our body adapts to the time we exercise and also the time we have to exercise out of our busy schedules.
By experimenting my body I figured out that for me either morning (6A.M to 7AM) or evening(6Pm to 7PM) was the right time for me to exercise(mainly do cardio). For strength training I always do it in evening as I have more energy to lift weights in evening. I do some deep breathing exercise (Pranayam) in the mornings.
Therefore , your bodily rhythms will tell you what time your body adapts best to exercise and what kind of exercise(Cardio, strength training). After exercise you must have a good feeling . Try experimenting cardio in the morning and evening and figure out what's best for you. But never do weight training on an empty stomach. I would prefer doing that in the evening.
Refer my exercise page to learn more about it.
CONFUSION: Can I have sugar in my tea/coffee/milk or should I have a sweetener.
ANSWER   : Having 2-3 teaspoonful of sugar in a day with tea is perfectly fine. Having a sweetener 2 times a day is also fine.
The problem arises when we have more of processed sugar products(cake, pastries, mithai,) in our diet. So eradicate processed sugar products completely from your diet. They are unhealthy for you.
CONFUSION: I Want to have a body like Hrithik Roshan or Angelina Jones. Should I do more cardio or more weights or what and what kind of Foods to eat to get that body.
ANSWER  : It is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to define your GOAL which you want to achieve, but it should be a realistic goal. My goal was to lose weight to get rid of my High Blood Pressure, high Cholesterol and reach a respectable figure with a lean defined toned body where I could where any clothes I wanted.
Aim for an achievable goal and do not just get carried away with celebrity stars profiles. Remember good health constitutes to  having Blood Pressure in range, blood sugar in range, all organs of the body working fine, a decent respectable lean body and overall you feeling fit from within. Therefore define your goal and work towards it. 
CONFUSION : Once I lose weight it will all come back if i stop exercising
ANSWER  : Weight loss with a consistent program of healthy exercise, healthy diet  and healthy rest tunes your body and it metabolism. The moment you go to a consistent program of unhealthy living , your weight will come back. But remember, it takes time for the consistency to dig in.
My weight has not come back since I lost 110 pounds(50 kg) 6 years back. The secret is:
"My consistent lifestyle of healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy rest".
CONFUSION/EXCUSE : I don't have time to exercise and I don't have the will power as well.
ANSWER  : Read my overview and about me section again and it should inculcate something in you to get rid of this excuse.
 CONFUSION/EXCUSE : I try to exercise and take care of my diet, but only for a shorter time. I guess my will power is very less.

ANSWER  : There is something called as "Self Discipline". Whatever activity you do , you have to have some self discipline to fulfill that activity. Self Discipline is not forcing yourself to do things out of compulsion, but doing things to get the desired result and enjoying that result.


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