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Weight Loss Facts and Myths



There are various myths and confusions associated with weight loss and health. It is very important to know the truths or facts  and get rid of those myths and confusions from ones mind.
 I too was occupied with many myths and confusions and it took me some time from my experience to get to know the truth behind them. I am sharing the many myths and confusions prevalent in a humans mind on the journey towards weight loss and the truth  behind them. Once you know the truth and act upon it , you will be a winner .

 MYTH : losing weight is a difficult process and it requires dieting and one has to go to a Professional weight loss trainer/Gym for help.
 TRUTH : Losing weight is a disciplined process but not difficult. Dieting (eating very less food) is going against the body. The right combination of proper exercise, healthy diet and proper rest leads to a healthy weight loss and good health. Going  to a Gymnasium is good if you do have time and money for it. But if you do not have time and money , you can get the same results as you get in the gym by following a natural lifestyle. One needs to know just 3 attributes of weight loss and start implementing them, Exercise , healthy diet and Proper rest. All the tools provided by nature are available for losing weight and getting fit. You just need to know what they are.
MYTH : I have FAT genes and I can do nothing about it. Even if I lose weight it will come back.
TRUTH : Some people are born blessed with non-fat genes. I was not a blessed one as both my paternal and maternal side belonged to the fat gene group. And on top of that I added FOOD as a decoration to my overweight personality.
Leading a healthy lifestyle(proper exercise + proper diet+ proper rest) made me diminish this theory that you cant do anything about fat genes. Since I have lost 50 KG of weight since last 6 years, it has not come back . In fact my body now acts like a fat burning machine , thanks to my good metabolism which I improved with my healthy lifestyle.
Therefore, " a healthy lifestyle over a period of time will start doing miracle to your body."   
 MYTH : If one exercises hard , one can eat anything. 
 TRUTH : An overweight person on the weight loss journey MUST understand that the body adapts best to proper exercise complemented with a proper healthy diet. If the body is only exposed to Exercise and not complemented with proper healthy diet , the weight loss process is compromised. It holds true visa versa. A healthy diet also helps in combating diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure .
As famous Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne said "EXERCISE IS THE KING, HEALTHY DIET THE QUEEN AND YOU HAVE A KINGDOM". even if you miss one you wont have a perfect kingdom(a perfect healthy body).
MYTH : Potato will make you fat so do not eat it. It is carbohydrate stay way from it.
TRUTH : Potato is one of the most healthy things (quality carbohydrate ) one can have. It is only how you prepare it. If you steam/boil it its perfect for you.
If you butter it its not perfect for you. "Its the method of preparation which makes a natural food unnatural".
Look at my authorized food list matrix to choose from what foods you must eat and what not.
MYTH  : Drinking honey with lime water in the morning will help reduce weight.
TRUTH : For an overweight person trying to lose weight this is a NO NO. Honey is natural sugar but very high in calories with a high glycemic index.
If a fat person drinks it in the morning it will aid in the fat process. From an ayurvedic point of view honey has benefits like it helps in sour throat etc.
But it dose not help in losing weight. 
MYTH : To loose weight I need to exercise more and more and more 
TRUTH  : Everything in too much excess is bad and that holds true for exercise as well. A balanced consistent exercise regime complemented with a balanced healthy diet with proper rest/recovery will make you lose weight and gain good health.
For exercising the right way look at my exercise section.
MYTH : For fast weight loss we have to exercise for long time every day  and eat high protein diets , low carbohydrate diets , no fats.
TRUTH : A human who has gained weight in some years MUST understand that weight loss is a consistent process and healthy weight loss is the one which follows that process. Living a natural lifestyle with proper exercise , proper diet and proper rest will NEVER make you fat and you will have the best health . Fast weight loss programs are not healthy programs.
I lost 50 kg in a years time i.e. around 4 kg a month. And since 6 years I lost weight it has not come back.
Just imagine a guy being heavily overweight all his life till age 25 , not putting the weight back. There is no magic my friend, just the right approach towards weight loss. Follow my plan and you will be the happiest person on earth.
MYTH : For weight loss and good health one should eat only one or 2 meals in a day.
TRUTH : Eating small meals(4-5) in a gap of 3-4 hours in a day is the ideal way to eat.
Human body is designed by god like apes. We have a small stomach through which the digestion process tales place.
Giving too much food at one time loads the digestion system and it takes a long time for the food to digest as well as the energy released by food in the body is much more at one time. Eating small frequent meals releases less energy in the body at one time which helps maintain the body' s metabolism(the rate at which the body burns food energy).
So please DO NOT EAT HEAVY LARGE MEALS. EAT SMALL NUTRITIOUS FREQUENT MEALS. Refer to my food matrix to make your meals.



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