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Health is Wealth

if you are healthy your family will be healthy

“Health is Wealth”. This phrase is heard quite often. Lets analyze this phrase. How can health bring us  wealth.

  • It cannot give you money.
  • It cannot give you a BMW.
  • It cannot give you a air ticket around the world.
  • It cannot buy you material benefits.

So how can we say health is wealth.

Based upon my experience here is my opinion :

  • Good health keeps all organs(heart, kidney, lungs etc) of your body functioning to their best capacity. When all organs of your body function properly , harmful diseases like diabetes , blood pressure, asthma etc are prevented. I think this is the most important benefit of having good health.

Wealth of good health : Harmful diseases like diabetes and high Blood Pressure are prevented.

  • Good health in terms of being fit and slim helps in having more energy .

Wealth of good health: you have more energy so you can live your life to the fullest.

  • Good health helps in aging gracefully. A 40 year old obese overweight person can look like a 60 year human and similarly a 40 year fit healthy person can look like a 30 year old human.

Wealth of good health: You age gracefully.

  • Good health helps you in doing your job to the best potential. If you are healthy , you can focus best on your job.

Wealth of good health: Your professional life is much improved.

  • Good health can improve your sex life and your relationship with your spouse.The more healthy you are the more your relationship with your spouse will be better.

Wealth of good health: Relationships are improved.

  • Good health makes brings confidence and happiness.You can walk into any store and take any clothes that you like. You have the confidence of doing things which an overweight human will resist to do.

Wealth of good health: You are more confident and happy.

I believe the above points are sufficient to add proof to the saying “Health is Wealth” . Yes my friend

“Good Health is indeed wealth”. According to me it is the biggest blessing which god gives us. Just think that if we are born healthy from our mothers womb, with all our organs intact functioning fine with all our body parts in the best form. Isn't it a blessing. It is only we human beings with the kind of lifestyle we live of unhealthy diet, no exercise smoking , drinking etc that we suffer with diseases.

God has given many tools for us to remain healthy . Please realize those tools and start living a healthy disease free life.

How healthy are you can be analyses with some basic tools or methods . Lets analyze how healthy are you:

Are you having High Blood Pressure ?

High Blood Pressure is very common nowadays , thanks to the modern urban lifestyle . High BP can be very harmful if not treated. It is caused due to many factors: stress, irrational diet, heavy smoking etc. If you BP is consistently above 140(systolic) and 90(diastolic) , you must see a doctor and also change your lifestyle towards a healthy one.

IMPORTANT POINT NOT TO BE MISSED: At age 25 ,I was having high Blood Pressure. I changed my lifestyle with respect to healthy exercise , healthy diet and healthy rest and my blood pressure normalized. I again emphasize a healthy lifestyle will help you in regulating your blood pressure to some extent. Please refer to my healthy lifestyle.

Are you a diabetic ?

Diabetes again is a very common disease , thanks again to modern urban lifestyle. Diabetes can be hereditary but mostly nowadays it is occurring in persons who have no history or genetics.

Diabetes can also be very harmful if not controlled. To prevent diabetes , Please refer to my healthy lifestyle.

Are you having other medical problems?

Other common medical problems like arthritis, joint pains, asthma etc are also linked again to our urban lifestyle. Human body was designed to move and when we keep feeding it with junk and without moving it(no exercise) these problems occur.

How much overweight/obese are you?

Now many people just blindly will tell you that GO FOR BMI(BODY MASS INDEX ) TESTING.

Let me tell you one thing. BMI just gives you the healthy weight measurement. It does not give you your body fat percentage and that is what you need to target. Your body fat needs to go naturally in due time with healthy exercise and healthy diet.

One check of how much obese you are is to measure your waist chest ratio. If your waist is more than your chest and above 36 inches you are entering trouble zone. Waist fat is the leading cause of many terrible diseases.

IMPORTANT POINT NOT TO BE MISSED: How did I manage to lose 14 inches from my waist I.e come down from 46 inch waist t to 32 inch waist. The answer is a healthy lifestyle of proper exercise , proper diet and proper rest.

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