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Everybody wants to get the answer to this one trillion dollar question

“ How to look and feel Young”.

Well , Let me rephrase this question again.

“How to feel young , look young and age gracefully”.

Let me quote an incident which happened with me recently. I went to a police station to file an FIR

complaint for my lost Cellular phone. As I was giving my briefing to the police constable, he asked me

which college do I study in. Now I am a Software Architect having 12 years of experience in the IT

industryI am 30 +. I was not surprised by his question as this has  come to me many times. Many

people think I am in college .

So my weight loss glory has added one more decoration to my personality. It makes me look much

younger than my age.

I can confidently say the reason of me feeling young, looking young and enjoying my youth lies in the

following :

EDR balance: Please visit my EDR balance page EDR Balance on my website to properly

understand it. You can look young feel young and age gracefully if you properly understand and

follow the EDR balance. There is no medicine than the natural living lifestyle which will make

you look beautiful and moreover you will feel beautiful from inside. And the principle of EDR

balance is based on that natural life style. I try to maintain my EDR balance and it does wonders

to me , my healthy and my personality. The most important thing which I can point out from

EDR balance for keeping young is eating a healthy diet of colors. What I mean is to have

colorful fruits and vegetables. No one can 100% follow the EDR balance but whatever extent

you can do , do it. It will bring you youth , energy and happiness.

Elimination negative forces: Everyday of our lives brings us joys, sorrows , laughs etc. But

since we are human beings some negative forces keep coming to us. Many of the negative

forces are anger, hatred, jealousy, emotional stress etc. It so not easy to not to have these

negative forces , but do you know what kinds of reactions they produce inside our body? Anger

increased blood pressure and releases bad hormones. Jealousy, Ego and hatred also release bad

hormones. So it is up to us as to what extent we would like to have these many negative forces

prevalent in our day to day life. Good health is not only EDR balance. Its also eliminating the

many negative forces as much as possible from our lives. Try to live without these negative

forces as much as possible and feel the difference in your life.

Staying close to nature: If you have some plants in or near your house , it makes a huge

difference. The more closer you stay with nature, the more energetic you become.

Laughter : Its a scientific fact that laughter exercises major internal body organs inside our

body. It releases good hormones which generate our general health well being. Many alternative

medical therapies such as Chinese or ayurvedic lay a lot of stress on laughter for good health.

Therefore my friend , include laughter as a daily meal in your life. Let it nourish your health.

See a movie , crack a joke , do anything which will make you laugh and release good hormones

from your body.

Act of kindness: Every day of our life we live for ourselves. And there is nothing wrong in

living for yourself. But if we give a thought about how many people are so much less privileged

than us, the numbers are huge. Doing an act of kindness for a person you feel is much less

privileged than you does not take too much form your side. And the main thing is to do it ad

forget it. The act of kindness should not be a guest in your mind. Keep living your life, earn

good money , enjoy with family and friends and keep doing some act of kindness.

Count your blessings : The life we live in consists of joys and sorrows and they come in

different forms. The best thing which I have learn t is to count the blessings I am living with ,

rather than always count my sorrows. Nothing is perfect for anyone on this earth. The greatest

blessing which I thank god everyday is for keeping me in good health.

I myself do not follow 100% the above things which I have mentioned, thats why I am a HUMAN

BEING. But I try to follow as much as I can and it makes me a happy and peaceful person.

The ultimate decision of staying young and aging gracefully is your own.

Cosmetics can help you look young from outside, but inner youth and

beauty is something only your attitude and behavior towards life can


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