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Chest muscles workout

By just using a simple set of dumbbell's and a barbell with free weights, Chest muscles can be built. Please refer to the pictures below for an effective chest workout.


weight training exercises for chest 1 weight training exercises for chest 2

 position 1                                                        position2

  • On a bench lie down flat on your back holding a barbell (position1). You can take someones help in coming to position 1 . 
  • Now  breathing in lift the barbell  to (position2). Count 1 and bring it slowly yo position 1.Remember you dont have to do it fast. You have to concentrate on the muscle you are exercising, yuu must feel the pull on the Chest muscle while you exercise it. 
  • Repeat the above Step for 10-12 repetitions which is equal to 1 set. Depending upon the weight you lift the repetions can be more or less.
    Perform 5-6 sets with only 1 minute difference between each set.


weight training exercises for chest 3 weight training exercises for chest 4

position 1                                                        position2

Perform the chest exercise with dumbells with the same steps as expalined for Barbells above

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