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Leg muscles workout

The major leg muscles can be exercised using a dumbell and barbell with free weights. Please refer to the pictures below for the leg workouts. Perform the leg exercises twice a week with atleast 72 hours gap between next workouts.


strength training workout for legs 1 quadricep workout routine

position 1                                                        position2

  • Stand Straight with your feet apart a bit more than shoulder length. With Chest Straight, hold a barbell with free weights behind your back (position1 - barbell should not touch your neck or shoulders).
  • Start this exercise with light weights and keep increasing as your body starts adapting to this exercise.
  • Breathing in bend your knees and simultaneously lower down your lower back so that your thies come almost parallel to the floor(position2). Do not bend your lower back.
  • Hold for a count of one and breathing out slowly bring it back to the previous position(position1).
  • Repeat the above for 10-12 repetitions which is equal to 1 set.
    Perform 4-5 sets with only 1 minute difference between each set.



strength training workout for leg muscles strength training workouts for leg muscles

position 1                                                        position2

Also the video representation of this exercise can be viewed :


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