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  Strength Training for Weight Loss

strength training workouts for weight loss


 My weight loss program initially for 4 months consisted of just cardiovascular exercise, basically running on a  treadmill or running outdoors. And of course I was complementing it with a nutritious healthy diet. My weight loss results started coming as I lost good weight in 4 months time.
I had read a lot about weight training ,strength training and about building muscle, but I was just enjoying my cardiovascular exercise and since I was losing weight , I carried on with cardio.
One day while doing my normal cardio session in a YMCA gym in Metuchen New Jersey , I met a person named Chris who had come to speak on  weight loss and was himself a successful weight loss story of losing 200 pounds. After his speech I managed to have a face to face discussion with him on weight loss and it was through him I realized how important weight training or strength training is.
Chris had a body which any male would desire for . He had come down from 85% body fat to 9% body fat which means he was a lean muscle man. I was amazed to see how he had completely transformed his full of fat body to a lean muscle body. Chris recommended me two books to read on strength  training and I immediately bought them , “Body for Life by Bill Phillips” and an ebook “Burn the fat , feed the muscle by Tom Veneto”. My enthusiasm to learn effective strength training exercise became more than anything else. I read the two books recommended by Chris again and again and finally I understood the importance of strength training in a weight loss or fitness program. I also learn how to incorporate weight training in my lifestyle. Books can definitely tell you a lot , but if you plan to do something practical it is always advisable to start in the guidance of a professional .
That's what I did. I learned all the basic strength training exercises from a professional at the gym and since then I have been doing these exercises as a part of my lifestyle. Now lets is see how does strength training help in losing weight and how it is beneficial in a fitness program. Its always better to ask questions to yourself on any topic and try to get answers. Lets do that from a common mans perspective:

What is strength training?
Strength training is the kind of resistance exercise we perform in order to stimulate a muscle to help it grow.

Why is strength training important?
God has given us various muscles which exist inside our body. The more lean muscle a human body consists of , the better is the human bodies metabolism. Also having muscle mass instead of fat makes a person look more thin. Effective strength training exercise will help build lean muscle and lead to a proper shaped body.

What do I have to do to start on a strength training program?
To start on a strength training program you have to understand the basics behind it and start implementing it slowly and make it a part of your lifestyle. Plesase refer below the video where I have defined Strength training fundamentals.

Do I have to exercise a lot to get muscles?
Strength training can be different  to different people. A body builder's aim is to compete in a professional competition and hence  they exercise very hard with more frequency to get bulky muscle.
For a person on a weight loss program, the idea should be to have lean muscle developed and for that it does not require to work hard like crazy. The more lean muscle you have the more young and energetic you will look.

How much I have to strength train in order to get lean muscle?
From my own example, I can tell you that 3 sessions of 30 minutes each in a week are sufficient to get you the lean muscle body.

The video describes what kind of lean muscle I had aimed for:


What will I require to do strength training?
Many people have this misconception that they have to go to a gym to perform weight or strength training. Well , that not the case. All that is required to strength train each muscle of your body is some free weights(dumbbells, barbell) and a weight bench. I have been doing strength training in the premise of my home . You can refer to my Strength training  workouts below and figure out yourself how strength training is not a restricted to gym.

Below is a video showing how using free weights you can efffectively peform strength training exercises for all your major muscles.


Strenth training requires the use of lifting objects to strengthen various muscles group inside the human body.I prefer on building lean muscle mass instead of big bulky muscles.

  • Strength training exercises should be performed 2-3 times a week for 30-45 minutes by exercising each muscle group to failiure. 
  • Each muscle group should be exercised twice a week with a gap of atleast 72 hours before hitting the same muscle as muscle develops at rest. 
  • With every weight bearing exercise you do always remember to breath out during lifting and breathe in during lowering of weights. 
  • Please remeber NEVER compromise on the form of how to lift weights to target a muscle. You dont have to lift very heavy weigths and compromise on the form. 
  • Dont forget to complement your weight training with a good quality nutritious diet 

The major muscle groups inside a human body are Back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abdominals.

It is important to understand the strength training fundamentals before strarting on any strength training program. Below in the video i have demonstrated the strength training fundamentals:

 Important Note: In order to perform the strength training exercises for your major muscle groups , You don't always need to go to a gymnasium. Just by using free weight dumbells and barbells and a bench you can perform all major muscle group exercises. I have been doing the same and I have gained lean muscle mass and I got rid of my body fat. I will show you how using free weights in your home premises one can exercise all the major muscle groups of your body.
So for those of you who carry this myth that for building muscle expensive machines are required, just follow my natural muscle building exercises. Below is the video showing what you need to do strength training at home easily


Biceps-- click here for a bicep muscles workout
Legs-- click here for a 
leg muscles Workout
Chest---click here for a
chest muscles Workout.
Back -- click here for a
back muscles workout.
Shoulders-- click here for a shoulder muscles workout

Triceps-- click here for a  tricep muscles workout

Abs --- click here for an abs muscles workout



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