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A simple Weight loss book

simple weight loss book


My book on WEIGHT LOSS, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and GOOD HEALTH is on the verge of completion. Though there are many weight loss books in the market, I am not going to give the reader some miracle pill in the book which will help in losing weight. Neither I am going to propagate that this is the best weight loss book ever written or anything like that. I have written this book in a simple manner for the common human being who wants to lose weight,  sustain it , and wants to get fit and healthy. After losing 50 kg(110 pounds) 10 years back , I have been able to maintain ny weight. Through the last 10 years I have gone through various phases where my weight starting coming back and i did my best to maintain it. I have met people from various ages into fitness and have learnt lots of wisdom from them regarding good health and fitness. In my book I have also  tackeled the weight issue from an age perspective  where I have explained that a good healthy lifestyle must be followed as per ones age.

Being an Indian the nutrition part of my book isalso  explained from an Indian Diet perspective. The natural indian diet is one of the best diets to lose weight and get healthy. The features my book will contain are:

  • All answers to the common Weight Loss myths and confusions to help  a common man deal with them.  
  • A natural Weight Loss plan GUARANTEED to work if the reader follows it honestly. 
  • A natural weight Maintainance plan GUARANTEED to work  if the reader follows it honestly. 
  • Healthy Diet Plans for all masses. 
  • A Lifestyle plan for all ages of people that will give you good health and happiness if the reader follows it honestly. 
  • Videos on how to prepare healthy  meals and snacks. 
  • Videos on exercises one needs to do in order to lose weight and get healthy. 
  • Success Stories-- People whom I helped lose weight and gain good health. 

The title of my book is :


"How to become a weight loss soldier, achieve weight loss glory and good health"


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