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Proteins are one of the food sources apart from carbohydrates and fats which form a significant part of the human diet. Proteins are the raw building materials for the human body and this material comes from amino acids which are building blocks of protein. A human diet should consist of at least 30-40% of protein diet.

Proteins are categorized based upon their quality:

Complete proteins: come from animal sources such as meat, milk and egg whites , low fat cottage cheese. Complete proteins consists of all the amino acids that are required by the human body to build muscle tissue.

Incomplete Proteins: sources are vegetables, beans(kidney chickpeas) , legumes, . These proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids required by the body, However, these proteins are also a significant part of the human diet. These type of proteins are generally eaten by vegetarians.


A person trying to lose weight or working towards good health should make both complete and incomplete proteins as a part of their daily diet.

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