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Achieving a weight loss of 110 pounds has not only transformed me from outside , but also from within I have changed for the good. My attitude , my outlook towards life has changed completely and everyday in life I cherish my good health. I want to share my transformation and the best way to do it is to show my weight loss before pics  and weight loss after pics . I have labeled all my album photos with my age and weight to better tell as to what kind of change and transformation I made.  I would like the visitor of my website to please go through my fat and thin album to see for themselves that losing weight , maintaining it and enjoying good health is in your own hands. My weight loss album is divided in 2 parts:

The idea to show these two albums is just to inculcate confidence into the reader to show what kind of transformation an effective weight loss does. I am a simple human being who have achieved my weight loss glory through self discipline, honesty and courage. The same attributes are present in every human. Please get motivated and start working towards your weight loss glory and good health. In no time you will also be able to create your success story album.



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