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Weight Loss Glory


my weight loss success story of losing 110 pounds in 1 year  
  YEAR (2001)                                       YEAR (2002) 
  WAIST (46 Inch)                                 WAIST( 32 Inch)
  WEIGHT( 270 Pounds)                     WEIGHT (160 Pounds) 
  BMI (31)                                               BMI(22)
  BODY FAT (60%)                                BODY FAT( 17%)
  CHOLESTEROL (High)                         CHOLESTEROL (Normal)
  BLOOD PRESSURE(High)                    BLOOD PRESSURE(Normal)
  STAMINA (low)                                    STAMINA (high)  
          YEAR   2002  ....     Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2003  ....    Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2004  ....    Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2005  ....     Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2006  ....    Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2007  ....    Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2008  ....    Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2009  ....    Fit and Healthy
             YEAR   2010  ....    Fit and Healthy
           YEAR   2011  ....    Fit and Healthy
            YEAR 2012   ....    Fit and Healthy
YEAR (2013)
WAIST( 32 Inch)
WEIGHT( 168 Pounds)
BMI (21)
BODY FAT (10%)
STAMINA (high)
Maintained weight for (11 Years )
Happiness Index(high)
Did I take any magic pill (NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO) 
Did I use any weight loss product(powders, oils etc...) (NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
So what did I do ( ???????? ) 
Read on.......... 
Losing weight is a battle which many people want to win and struggle with. All kinds of fast weight loss programs and many popular weight loss products are tested and tried. Many people win the battle of losing weight with the help of many programs and products combined with their will power and determination, but yet many keep struggling. Once the weight loss battle is won , what follows is weight loss glory. The many glories which come after winning the weight loss battle are: 
  • glory of losing weight 
  • glory of good health 
  • glory of looking and feeling young 
  • glory of self-esteem and self respect. 
  • glory of confidence 
  • glory of improved relationships 

"Weight Loss Glory is the pride , honour and good health which a human being cherishes after winning the battle of losing weight".

The intent of me creating this website is to share with the common masses as how any human being can achieve weight loss glory following a natural healthy weight loss program of healthy exercise , healthy diet , healthy rest. And this needs to be approached through a healthy mindset.
Now the visitor of this website might think this website to be just another website among thousands out there boosting upon all kinds of weight loss programs with various weight loss products to sell. I created this website because of the following reason:

"I RISHI SHARMA , lost 50 Kg of weight in a span of 12 months i.e. I came down from 120kg (264 pounds) to 70 kg (154pounds) in one year. I have been living with the glory of weight loss for the past 11  years now maintaining my target weight and enjoying good health.

Now a very important point needs to be mentioned here. I was obese right from childhood and I carried the obesity right up to the age of 25. Since I lost weight 10 years back , it has never come back. Everyday I meet many people in all walks of life and I am always asked many questions some of which are:
How did I lose so much weight?

What is my weight loss secret of maintaining my weight for 11 years?

Where has all the fat gone?
Do I take some fat burning pills?
What kind of exercise I do ?
What kinds of weight loss diets i follow?

And many more.....

My interaction with people on many weight loss programs , obesity treatment plans and in general health related issues prompted me to create this website.
The purpose of creating this website is to help people understand the philosophy of losing weight and getting good health. I tend to share my knowledge and experience of how I despite being born with fat genes and being overweight for 25 years achieved a weight loss of 50 KG(110 pounds) and sustained it. Anyone who visits my website can learn how to lose weight and gain good health. Your weight loss glory is in your hands.

Before going further in my website, I request the visitor to first read my healthy weight loss success story. I consider my weight loss story to be unique because it challenges the theory which many people tell that if you have fat genes and you have been overweight for many years, even if you lose weight it will come back. Well, I am a live example of a normal guy who

was born with fat genes

was overweight for 25 years

had a history of high blood pressure and diabetes

had a habit of emotional eating

carried a maximum weight of 122 KG(270 pounds)

transformed myself into a

lean healthy human being by losing 50 Kg(110 pounds)

Sustained my weight for 9 years

Never let any of my historical genetic diseases come on me.

living with the pride and glory of weight loss and good health




Okay, I hope you have read my weight loss story. My main intent for the reader to first read my story is to just figure out that why it is important to do anything for a reason. And the reason gets associated with an end goal and that is what it needs to with a human being trying to lose weight and get healthy. My story depicts the reason behind my weight loss journey and the end goal I accomplished.

How to achieve weight loss?

For a person desiring to lose weight the question should be " How to lose weight naturally"

Naturally means as per the natures law of exercise, diet and rest. The question to lose weight fast and easily should not come. When a person starts on a natural weight loss journey , it will always be safe. Weight loss glory is all about defining a safe natural lifestyle of weight loss.

A safe natural lifestyle of weight loss will consist of a healthy exercise program combined with a healthy nutrition and healthy rest plan.

Now the next question might come up in your mind is what is that healthy lifestyle ?

To gain insight into what does a healthy lifestyle consist of the following weight loss sections on my website needs to be understood and followed:

  Weight- Loss Wisdom

  Talk Sessions

 Exercise for weight loss

  Diets for weight loss

  Rest and Recovery

Like a religion i have incorporated the above sections into my lifestyle and it is amazing that I have not gained weight since I lost 110 pounds 11  years back. It does not take a lot to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact It is so great that what it can do to your healthy, your body and to your life.

After visiting the above sections of my website, the visitor should be able to appreciate and understand the wisdom in the following line:

"If we want to transform our life and be free from problems we must learn to transform our mind and act to achieve the desired goal.".







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